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Hi, I'm Trey, an Atlanta-based user experience designer, usability test facilitator, and user researcher. Every day I strive to make good products with good people.

I'm a proponent of solution focused design thinking, and a practitioner of Object-Oriented UX.

My professional titles have included User Experience Lead, Information Architect, Design Director, and Web Developer. If you'd like to know how I performed at them, view my awards and endorsements.

Quick Treyvia:

  • I enjoy banter about design nuances such as the difference between violet and purple, or typefaces that were created for screen display being used in print.
  • I'm a SCAD alumnus.
  • I intentionally spend a day each week completely away from the screen; usually hiking in the mountains, indoor rock climbing, or riding mountain bike trails.
  • The largest item I've designed is the wrap for a four story curtain wall facade. The smallest is a mobile application icon.
  • The only position I've held that didn't involve design or development was as a pedicab or bicycle taxi driver.

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