Awards & Endorsements

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  •  2018 • Best in Technology Award - The Home Depot Technology Organization
  •  2017 • Communicator Award of Distinction - Health Websites
  •  2016 • Gold Communicator Award - Mobile Websites, Shopping
  •  2016 • Silver Communicator Award of Distinction - Real Estate Websites
  •  2016 • Silver W3 Award - General Website Categories, Business Blog
  •  2015 • Silver Horizon Interactive Award - Responsive & Mobile Design Websites
  •  2013 • Design & Implementation Department Champion
  •  2012 • “The Machine” - Hardest Worker Award
  •  2012 • June Employee of the Month
  •  2010 • July Employee of the Month
  •  2010 • Design & Implementation Department Champion
  •  2008 • November Employee of the Month

“…Trey has been a huge asset to our project. He has brought a lot of great ideas to the team and is very hands on. His interaction within the team and with the end users is always positive. We enjoy working with Trey and the synergy that has been created.…”
S.J. PMP Business Analyst, 2016

“…Trey has been a great addition to the team. He has good ideas, picks up on things that users say that will affect the user experience, and is proactive and verbal…”
C.B. Senior IT Project Manager, 2016

“…Trey did excellent work here. He's one of the best consultants we've had. I'd definitely hire him again…”
A.J. Senior Manager, Online Content, 2015

“…a committed team player that always went above and beyond the call of duty. Furthermore he always exceeded customer expectations and was a vital component to growing the design portion of our business model…

…I can confidently recommend Trey for any position he may be seeking with your organization…”
M.S. President & CEO, 2014

“…There are few people I've worked with that consistently delivered high-quality projects on time, overcoming the obstacles and challenges within the operations of a small growing software company…

…he spearheaded the day-to-day operations of our design team, fine-tuning the development and delivery process. Due to his team's efforts we saw a 100% increase in NPS responses and a full percentage point increase in score…”
D.M. VP Customer Experience, 2014

“…He finds the best solution and technology that the market requires in that moment. He is a self starter constantly looking for ways to improve our online products with fresh ideas…”
C.C. Multimedia Director, 2009

“…Trey is committed to providing exceptional customer service. He looks for every way to meet the deamnds of the customer while working within the guidelines of the company. He is able to adapt and find solutions to any type of situation by creating systems and programs that help our internal and external customers…”
C.C. Senior Online Advertising Manager, 2008

“…His work was of the highest quality; his creativity, willingness to work hard to meet deadlines, teamwork, and relaxed can-do attitude will be missed…”
J.G. President & CEO, 2006

“…Trey is organized, efficient, and willing to go the extra mile to complete his tasks. Because there were often last-minute deadlines, his cooperative attitude and good cheer were important and appreciated…”
S.V. Acquisitions & Marketing, 2006

“…It's against company policy to give references, but Trey is awesome, he's good, hire him on the spot.…”
A.M. President & Founder, 2005